Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More of First Here - chapter excerpt

Ottawa Street store became starting point for Tim Hortons

Miles Gilbert "Tim" Horton was born on Jan. 12, 1930, in Cochrane, Ontario. Horton, who began his hockey career in Quebec, eventually played for the Toronto Maple Leafs (beginning in 1952), the New York Rangers (1970), the Pittsburgh Penguins (1971) and then for the Buffalo Sabres (1972).

Tim Horton was involved in a string of hamburger restaurants with his partner, Jim Charade, while he was still playing hockey. These restaurants were not very successful ventures, so Mr. Horton explored the idea of a doughnut and coffee store. He opened his first Tim Hortons store in 1964 at 64 Ottawa Street North in Hamilton.

The Tim Hortons store served coffee and doughnuts exclusively. Eventually, Tim Horton's own personal creations, such as the apple fritter and the dutchie, were featured at the store. These became the chain's most popular doughnut choices in the 1960s and have remained popular ever since.

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