Thursday, April 5, 2007

East End Incline Railway

Hamilton's Wentworth Street Incline Railway was built in 1895 and made an estimated 20 million trips up and down the Mountain! More information and photographs about this incline railway can be found in our Prints Across the Mountain book. This photograph will soon be available as a poster-sized print!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Vanished discovered, again

With two extremely successful volumes already in the marketplace, work is now progressing on Vanished Hamilton III.

The Vanished Hamilton series spotlights aspects of Hamilton that have vanished from the landscape, such as the incline railways, the Sunken Garden at McMaster University, popular old theatres including the Capitol or Palace, the famous old Neilson's sign at Wolf Island, the Crystal Palace, and yes, the Beach Amusement Park.
Hamilton, for instance, had two incline railways, both dating back into the 1890s, and both closing down before the start of the Second World War.

The inclines offered much easier access up and down the escarpment, providing sufficient space for farmers and their wagons, and in later years, automobiles. They were fast, scaling the 300-foot escarpment in 90 seconds, efficient, and cheap, with a ride up the Mountain costing all of one cent at one time.
And then they were gone.

It was intended that Vanished Hamilton would be a one only project, but new story ideas blossomed as soon as volume one was completed, leading to Vanished Hamilton II.

The response, once again, was overwhelming with copies of the book flying off the bookshelves. As with the VH I, VHII featured scores of things nostalgic, things that have vanished - a huge school, the Studebaker plant, a Carnegie Library, and even the Studebaker plant.

Vanished Hamilton III will also be filled with nostalgia - Mountain access routes, swing bridges, the old Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, the School of Nursing, even Hamilton's armored car, built to protect the city during the Second World War.
A large number of authors are already at work, researching their stories; pictures are being secured, and already the format is rounding into shape.

Like the other two books in this series, Vanished Hamilton III will be edited by Margaret Houghton, archivist at the Special Collections Department, Hamilton Public Library. The authors include members of the eight historical societies in the Greater Hamilton area, offering their unique talents as writers of Hamilton's history.

It is expected that Vanished Hamilton III will be ready for an early October launch. The book will be featured on our website at It can be purchased through the website or from any of the Hamilton and area bookstores as well as on-line at for $21.95.