Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Brant Inn Memories

It’s been gone from the landscape for almost 40 years, and yet the Brant Inn is still fondly remembered as one of Canada’s leading nightspots.

Situated in the heart of Burlington at the edge of Lake Ontario, the Brant Inn attracted most of North America’s famous entertainers - entertainers such as Satchmo Armstrong, Liberace, Stan Kenton, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Guy Lombardo and many, many other famous stars.

In fact, during the heyday of the Brant Inn, this was the in place for entertainers, performing, depending on the season, on the Lido Deck or the Sky Club, where at one time the waters lapped underneath the stage area.

The Brant Inn was famous for not only the entertainers it attracted, but also for hosting the Miss Canada pageant, and for its weekly broadcasts aired across the country which helped put Burlington on the entertainment map. And it was famous for its exotic food, served in the Hale Kai Restaurant, food ranging from Polynesian to Chinese to Western.

North Shore Publishing is now going to help readers relive those nostalgic days as a new book is being published, Brant Inn Memories, just in time for the Christmas season.

The book is being written by former Spectator writer Stewart Brown, who has a long – and deep – connection with the Brant Inn as his dad played there for many years, providing the writer with an intimate knowledge of the establishment and the stars.

Stewart has interviewed many individuals who have had a connection with the Brant Inn over the years, and through many of these people, he was able to secure a great number of fascinating photographs – of the inn, the stars, those associated with running the inn, and guests enjoying the opportunity to dance the night away to the sounds of some of the world’s most famous entertainers.
Brant Inn Memories will be filled with nostalgia, bringing back fond memories for ever so many people.

Brant Inn Memories will be available for $24.95 at Chapters/Indigo, as well as many other bookstores, Chapters Online, and directly from North Shore Publishing. Additional ordering details will be released as the launch date approaches.